First of all, you must make sure that the  Beanfun plugin for Google Chrome or Internet Explorer together with the game client have been installed. Kindly refers to the screenshots as below:-



Proceed to the homepage and then click on the button as indicated in the screenshot below to Register.

 Proceed to select the button on the left. It has the spelling error of “beanfun!” 



STEP 2: 

You then proceed and fill in the details as been described in the screenshot below:-
Note: Password can only contains numerical and letters. 



When your account has been verified, you may then proceed to connect with a VPN. This is because Gamania’s access has been restricted to only Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Hence, you need VPN to bypass.

We recommend SoftEther VPN Gate , because it’s a free VPN. However, if it is not functioning as intended, you may have to go for other paid VPN’s services, since it’s rare to have Taiwanese servers.

Make sure that you are connected to either Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau server before you proceed further.




Now, go back to Counter-Strike Online 2 Taiwan homepage.  And proceed to click the green round button. You will then be prompted to inser your account’s credential to login. After that, the verification process will be initiated. 



STEP 5: 

You then choose the right option, which is the cellphone option. Before you proceed, do take note that there will be a phone call that will call towards your cellphone. Hence, charges may be incurred. 


Now proceed and insert your country’s extension before dialing the number as shown in the page. Once the call is connected, you will hear an automated woman’s voice. Wait for it to play till the end and then immediately proceed and enter the 6-digits code that are shown in the page in red. Once your account has been successfully verified, a popup will then pop out. 




Now you will have to re-login. Kindly proceed back to steps 4. Follow back all the steps and you are ready to ROLL!



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